We are VERY excited to announce...

The Lord's Hands & Hearts Ministries has fully merged into Runners Refuge.

Same Mission
Same Team
Same Place
Same Time
New Name
New Ownership



In 2004, God birthed The Lord’s Hands & Hearts Ministries in my and John Starnes’ heart, called us to give our lives to show the love and compassion of God to the broken and homeless on the streets of Dallas.  We answered the call and for 14 years, this ministry has made an impact for Christ in the lives of thousand of people – both those experiencing trials and countless volunteers.  It has been a glorious journey!  It grew from 3 of us, with our son Nick Starne, feeding out of the back of our SUV, to a multifaceted ministry feeding thousands through Solomon’s Porch and Pauline’ Pantry, clothing and equipping the newly homed through our resale shop Urban Relics, and disciplining and transitioning men back into society through the Nehemiah House.  It became a full time mission.

In 2013, our beloved Pastor John Starne earned his heavenly reward and I continued the ministry in South Dallas. In 2014, God brought Bobby Rice, another amazing man of God into my life, and we were married.  Our union brought about a whole new chapter of life for me. An amazing team of people stepped up to lead The Lord’s Hands & Hearts while Bobby and I planted and have been growing The Ranch Cowboy Country Church in Azle, Texas.  I spent many hours praying for God to send the next full time leaders for my first love, Hands & Hearts.  As God always works, late in 2014, my path crossed with John Stout and God began to orchestrate His plan.

In December 2017, John and Rachel established Runners Refuge, a homeless ministry that John had held in his heart for almost 20 years.  Runners Refuge needed a building to begin working from and we had a  building and program that needed help.  It was obvious that our meeting 3 years prior was no coincidence.  Runners Refuge partnered with Hands & Hearts and we began the process of turning over ownership of the Nehemiah House to Runner Refuge, and they began to serve alongside us at Solomon's Porch Homeless Outreach.

All through this process, I have been assured and confident, sensing Gods promise that 2018 would be a year of change, a year of birthing visions, and an acceleration of Kingdom expansion.  Sure enough, it became undeniably clear to all of us, the leadership of Hands & Hearts, that God had moved me to lead the church in Azle with my husband, and that He was positioning Runners Refuge to take up the mantle and continue the ministry of not only the Nehemiah House, but Solomon's Porch as well. 

Runners Refugee is the answer to our prayers. They are the next ones to build upon the foundation, and carry God's vision, John Starne and I birthed back in 2004.  I am humbled and blessed that God is powerful and faithful to continue HIS work birthed in Hands & Hearts, and at the same time, multiply His use of me in a new field, new life, new season at The Ranch Cowboy Country Church.  

The Hands & Hearts team, Jose Aguilar, Jim Leebens, Tracey Farris, and Robert Morillo continue to lead Solomon's Porch with the help of many other of our faithful servant leaders under the direction of Runners Refuge, and the Nehemiah House is officially under construction under the ownership of Runners Refuge.  

Your support and boots on the ground are still needed!  We are merging our online giving and volunteer coordination under one roof, so continue to sow into what God is doing with your service and your sustenance as we continue to become more and more of a neighborhood force in South Dallas.

Come and join in what God is doing!  Be the Hands & Hearts to the lost and broken who are looking for the Runners Refuge - the arms of Jesus.

If you have questions, I am available at [email protected] or 469-348-8069.  I will be popping in at The Porch occasionally as my schedule allows.  God is moving at The Ranch CCC, too, and God has given me a great assignment in my new field with my new husband.  I rejoice in and bless this new season of a very near and dear mission in Dallas.  Go get 'em God!


A word from John Stout:  “We want to honor the ministry Leann Starne Rice has brought to South Dallas and ask that you hold Her and Bobby up in prayer as well as the Ranch Cowboy Country Church. We welcome the leadership team of The Lord's Hands and Hearts;  Tracey Farris, Jim Leebens, and Jose Aguilar to our team. Together, we will help South Dallas dream again. 

This addition means more opportunities to serve. We are looking for missions teams that will come and volunteer at this location. We serve from 8am-noon every Saturday. If your church is interested in bringing a team to Solomon's Porch please email us at [email protected]

In an effort to reach not only the homeless, but also the neighborhood surrounding us in Sunny South Dallas, and to build on the ministry of The Lord's Hands and Hearts, Solomon's Porch Homeless Outreach will be rebranded as Solomon's Porch Community Church. This is the only change we anticipate at this time.”




Solomon's Porch:
2803 Cleveland St.
Dallas, TX 75215


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“And they shall rebuild the old ruins,
They shall raise up the former desolation’s,
And they shall repair the ruined cities,
The desolation’s of many generations.”
— Isaiah 61:4